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Then it dawned on me: full suspension. The kid had never ridden one and was used to just letting the bike fly off a jump. He had no idea about loading the suspension just prior to take off. After some coaching from mom, an IMBA Level II instructor, he was good to go. Upon reaching the bottom of the trail we were all pretty stoked but now it was time to pay the piper.

That 1.5-mile downhill came at the expense of having to climb 3 miles back to the truck. We all knew it, and given he is not a fan of climbing I settled into what was going to be a slow climb as it always had been before. We set off and as usual I led. After about 10 minutes I looked back and he was right behind me but mom was way behind us. I had no idea she had fallen so far back. It turns out she hadn’t fallen back in the traditional sense. I had sped up assuming the tire noise coming from behind me meant my pace was family-friendly. This kid NEVER passes his mom on climbs and here he was ahead of his mom and with a smile on his face. We slowed down and as she caught up to us she said, “We’re buying him that bike!”

Trailcraft Maxwell 26 kid’s bike review


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